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Hempress Sativa “Kushite Love” sneak peak. Video dropping soon
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Poised to make her 2014 Reggae Sumfest debut tonight 7/18/2014, nothing is new for artiste Hempress Sativa.

The Rastafarian, Revolutionary songwriter, and Mother has been around music from a young age; as her father is Original Selector Ilawi from Jah Love Sound. The name Hempress Sativa suits her well and is related to one of the causes she stands for. She raised awareness and stirred debate in the fight for the decriminalization of marijuana in Jamaica. Sativa released the single ” Ooh La La La - The Weed Thing” which pushed the advocacy for positive legislation in decriminalization. She definitely stands for conscious and positive change in the communities of Jamaica and around the world.

Set to perform in Montego Bay, Jamaica she is sure to soothe and rock an audience with her new single “Kushite Love”. The video is also set to release for that song from UTH music soon, and was directed by Kerro. Hempress Sativa is sure to catch the attention of many with hard and fast spitting lyrics in “Jah Have My Back”, “Judgement” and “Get High”.

Sativa has a style that is refreshing, powerful and moving. The presence and strong force of female artiste’s in Jamaica should not be taken lightly and for granted. With singers such as Jah9, Keida, Etana, Kelissa, Queen Ifrica, Queen Omega, Nakeeba Amaniye

You can get in touch with Hempress Sativa through

IG & Twitter @hempresssativa

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First nite @reggaesumfest after @hempresssativa bun it dun. Representing for @grind_stone
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Yes I- the UnConQueRebel Lioness @hempresssativa teach dem

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